Registration Form

Sibling Details (Blood Brother/Sister)

Student Details

Details of the School Previously Studied

Permanent Address: Proof Need to be Submitted

Parent's Details



Guardian (Can be left blank If the student is living with parent)

Note (Class-Age Chart)

Candidates seeking admission to L.K.G should have completed 3 years as on 31st March 2018 and similar computation will be done for other classes as well

After Registration

  • 1. The selected candidate will get SMS for the written/oral test for the class registered.
  • 2. After the written test and interviews, if the candidate is found suitable, the school will decide the class in which the candidate will be offered a place. The Principal, through a letter of offer, will communicate this directly to the candidate.
  • 3. The School's decision is final

Agreement & Declaration

I understand and agree that Registration does not mean qualification for admission. The Examination process involves eligibility for Registration, a Written Examination followed by an interview. If the candidate is offered Admission, then I will abide by the rules and regulations of the School, pay the fees in advance and settle any other accounts promptly.

I Agree

(Note: Make sure that the age eligibility (DOB) and Admission for class tally each other according to the Age chart.)